GRC - performance with integrity

avedos is an innovative software company focused on the field of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC).
The software platform risk2value was designed by Samuel Brandstaetter and uses a path-breaking approach to flexibly support a company’s individual requirements for a wide range of GRC applications including enterprise risk management, information security management, IT risk management, internal control systems, audit management and many more.


Since 2005, avedos has been committed to the ongoing development of risk2value in order to provide its customers a flexible, unified GRC solution platform.
The solutions from avedos serve as a link between top management, the 2nd and 3rd line of defence and business operations, enabling better business decisions in the light of risk and value even in complex environments.


Among our clients are some of the largest and most successful global companies in the automotive, insurance, banking, telecommunications and retail industries. avedos has also established several long-term partnerships with respected organizations and system integrators in order to cover the entire GRC value chain. 

  since 2005 100% focus on Enterprise GRC


  European leader


  privately held



  more than 80 employees


  Industry leading customer satisfaction (NPS: 43)


  Partners & GRC Communities

We passionately believe that GRC is more than just a mere assurance function. By unifying many different management systems, companies can align management, strategy, performance, risk and compliance, achieve goals reliably in times of uncertainty, and act with integrity. Properly understood, established and integrated GRC sharpens the implementation competence and transparency of companies on the road to strategic and operational "excellence". The various families of standards provide the foundation for correct and successful corporate governance and management.


avedos was founded by Samuel Brandstaetter and Christian Mache in 2005. Over the past decade, the company has established itself as one of the leading European vendors for unified management systems, also known as GRC solutions. Its software risk2value, which is currently available in its 6th generation, is based on a state of the art IT architecture. avedos is privately owned and 100% equity financed. The company with headquarters in Vienna, Austria, is continuously driving its international growth and relationships with various partner organizations.

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