We are driven by our belief that the sustainable success of innovative organizations is strongly influenced by a profound enterprise GRC strategy.


Study: Frightful results after about a year of GDPR - companies are still lagging behind! We help you to master this challenge with risk2value.


risk2value provides a GRC software platform for implementing different processes and applications in a flexible, efficient enterprise management system.  


Performance with Integrity - our offerings

With risk2value, midsize companies and large corporations can implement and integrate a wide range of Governance, Risk and Compliance applications in a complete GRC framework. This professionalizes their GRC activities to save both time and costs.  



Assure the resilience and sustainable competitiveness of the organization



Foster the proper functionality and robustness of processes, internal guidelines and requirements



Contribute to achieving resilience and sustainable competitiveness of the organization



Establish an independent control unit to detect organizational deficiencies and improve continuously



Protect corporate assets (material, non material) from negative influences



Implement strategies for a sustainable and value oriented development of the corporation

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GRC software and risk management at our clients

Integrating the levels of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is essential to successfully manage a company in today’s business world. More and more, GRC is marked by the interplay of IT and business issues that cannot be separated from another. Corporate risks are one important factor. Since they manifest in many different ways, companies need a lot of different strategies to minimize risks. Building awareness for and being able to assess all potential risks poses a major challenge for companies and makes qualified risk management essential. Internal and external requirements influence the guidelines for each action taken in companies.


Compliance Management helps prevent breaches against these requirements as well as any subsequent penalties. Companies need a clear, active form of risk management in order to fulfill these various rules exactly. In light of the ever growing requirements in risk management and compliance, many are turning to IT support in the form of mature Risk Management software. Clear specifications based on the given guidelines ensure that companies implement all norms in a precise transparent manner. Subsequently, corporate governance will serve as the foundation for defining the guidelines for enterprise risk and compliance management.


Another important component of GRC is an effective Internal Control System (ICS), which is used to prevent inappropriate or malicious actions in companies. Additionally, audits can be performed to evaluate if various processes comply with the predefined requirements (Audit Management). Implementing information security management systems (ISMS) to ensure data privacy is also becoming more commonplace. ISMS fulfill the requirements for identifying potential opportunities as well as pinpointing all weaknesses in companies and taking sufficient counteractions. The entire process of planning, organizing and monitoring actions while minimizing risks is covered by Risk Management. Through this integrative approach, companies can increase awareness and understanding of risks while increasing performance.


By adding systems for Strategy Management, quality management, sustainability management, etc., companies can establish an integrated management system as an important milestone on the road to operational and strategic excellence.