Markus Pflueger and Carina Sehtaler


Markus Pflüger and Carina Sethaler work together in the professional service team on projects both large and small. They use their expertise to support customers as project leaders and system consultants.


“In a team like ours, shedding light on a project from various perspectives and working together to tackle the challenge of mapping various GRC topics is really fun,” Markus explained. Carina added, “I had read some good reviews on kununu [an employer review site], but the reality was even better. Project work at avedos is very dynamic.”  


To recharge his batteries, Marcus likes to spend time with his family in the outdoors. Carina, who finds relaxation in the arts, enjoys singing and drawing in her spare time.


Motivated by the opportunity to help shape a young, dynamic company, Jacqueline Schuh joined the telemarketing team at avedos in the first half of 2014. Today, she supports the finance team as an accounting assistant alongside her studies in business and social sciences at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.


Marie Heim has been with avedos for over three years, Aside from working in the finance team, she is also working on her MBA at the University of Vienna. There she has served as the student chairwoman for (international) business majors since July 2015 and, along with a team of 25 other students, represents the interests of her fellow students. What Marie likes best about avedos is the friendly atmosphere among the employees and the fact that she is always learning something new.


Marco Moretti joined our sales and marketing team in June 2016 and has felt at home since day one!

The native of Italy gained B2B sales experience and developed media campaigns while working at a media agency in Milan.


Marco looks forward to new challenges, which he masters with ease. Getting settled in a foreign city was a bit hard for him at first (and he still sometimes misses his native Italy at times). But he now enjoys his life in Vienna – both at work at avedos and at home with his family. His hobbies include fishing, soccer and spending time outdoors.   


Romana Hanig works in the sales team focusing on the markets of Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. She supports her clients from the initial contact to the successful close of the project.


Romana began working in marketing and sales at avedos during her studies and has worked for the past 2 years as a sales executive.


Dominik Kirschenhofer is one of the longest-serving employees in our company. The experienced software developer, who worked for avedos as a freelancer the first few years, quickly opted to become an official part of our team.


“Exciting tasks, good teamwork and experienced, qualified colleagues from whom I can learn a great deal were all important reasons why I switched to avedos.”


In addition to supporting our product development, Dominik also provides his expertise in customer projects through requirements analyses, time/work assessments or new feature ideas. 


Victoria Fellner has worked in the marketing team at avedos for over 4 years where she is responsible, among other things, for lead management, social media and employee events. She feels at home in her team and looks forward to the new challenges that her job brings every day. In her free time, she publishes the lifestyle and family-travel blog and likes to do sports.


Wolfgang Ablinger is also a member of the marketing department and has been with avedos for the past three years. What he likes best about his job is the leeway he has to work independently. The friendly, respectful atmosphere in the team promotes a highly productive work environment. After work, Wolfgang enjoys spending time with his friends or reading a good book.  


Iris Rauh and Sarah Hutzfeld work in human resources and office management, where they guarantee smooth day-to-day operations and serve as a central contact point for all employees.


Iris has been responsible for all HR concerns and general employee satisfaction since the middle of 2015. She enjoys organizing joint, team-building activities.


Sarah is the main contact for external and internal inquiries, including travel bookings and purchase orders. She also ensures that the colleagues have an ample supply of fruit and drinks at hand.


Marcus Noetzel joined the avedos team as sales director for the German market and since 2018 he's Head of Business Development & Sales. He regularly travels among the company’s offices in Munich, Düsseldorf and Vienna. 

The native of Germany has collected many years of experience in sales and business development. After finishing his studies at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, he started his career as a commercial director at a leading telecommunications company. 

What he likes best about avedos is the trailblazing mindset and strong team spirit that prevails even in stressful times. He enjoys spending his free time with his family or on long road trips on his motorcycle.