We are driven by our belief that the sustainable success of innovative organizations is strongly influenced by a profound enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) strategy. As a vendor of GRC solutions, we center our efforts on enabling European companies to recognize GRC as a core value driver in enterprise management. As a partner, we support our clients to continually develop the maturity of their organizational processes.


Our software solutions enable the digitalization of GRC processes and anchor them efficiently within the organization. Our software platform risk2value builds a bridge between operational levels and top management by allowing them to link different GRC information across multiple business functions so that they develop a common frame of reference for transparent decisions on various management levels.


The largest and most successful energy providers, insurance companies, banks, telecommunication companies and retailers place their trust in us and run their GRC processes on the GRC platform risk2value.


Our enterprise GRC platform risk2value is dedicated to the following premises:

  • Intelligent GRC – risk2value supports the integration of various GRC processes in a single, enterprise management system.
  • Tailored GRC – risk2value enables clients to individualize specific GRC requirements through configuration and customization.
  • Digital GRC – risk2value allows organizations to link their existing information and data into GRC processes.
  • Connected GRC – risk2value promotes collaboration, communication as well as a structured way to exchange information across various GRC processes both within and outside of the organization.



How our enterprise GRC solution risk2value stands out from other solutions:

  • Flexible configuration and customization to adapt to the individual need of clients and the current maturity level of the organization
  • Unification of various GRC processes in a single, enterprise-wide management system
  • Capabilities to support collaboration and communication throughout the enterprise
  • State of the art IT architecture (on premises, cloud) and software development