The changing seasons had taken their toll on the courtyard garden at House Karwan, a local refugee housing facility run by Caritas.


Volunteers from various departments at avedos recently teamed up with residents to assist with outdoor spring cleaning and planting. “The children were very excited to see us again,” commented one volunteer. “We welcomed many new and familiar faces who were happy to lend a helping hand.”

Before the planting could begin, the group first had to cut back shrubs, remove weeds, and dig up the soil hardened from the winter. Once fresh topsoil was spread, they could start planting new spring flowers.


Spreading spring fever  

Thanks to a donation from a local flower shop, the volunteers planted perennials with the children from House Karwan, where vibrant bushes of bell flowers, scarlet sage, and verbena now beautify the garden. They also worked on crafts with the smaller children, who cut and pasted animal signs which they later placed in the flower beds. After a long day’s work, the happy but exhausted group made a toast to their successful project over a glass of juice.

Before parting, each child helper received a small bag of goodies with cool outdoor items, such as a magnifying glass or a nature-explorer card game. These were donated by MA22, the Department for Environmental Protection and Gardens of Vienna.


Cooperation with Caritas

For the past few months, avedos has supported House Karwan which provides 175 adults and children from various nations and ethnicities a safe place to live. The local housing facility run by Caritas gives refugees the opportunity to experience normal, everyday life.

avedos has planned a long-term cooperation with the organization to build trust and spend time with the residents young and old. Activities take place outside of regular working hours on a voluntary basis.