03. - 04. December 2019 - Zurich / Switzerland

Digitization has become indispensable in today’s economic life. Communication and data exchange are just two areas where digital transformation has led to fundamental changes. Businesses are opening new fields to digitalize and optimize processes and products. Digital transformation is less an option, it is rather a must. Many workspaces have already fundamentally changed so that a company inevitably has to adapt to keep up with the competition, both at the process and product levels. The challenge: Existing structures must be “translated” digitally.


A complex task where systems and processes have to be changed, employees trained and new infrastructures built. At the same time, new products have to be designed and introduced. The necessary hardware increases this upcoming complex task. Last but not least, digitization creates its own danger: Cyber ​​Crime.



avedos is a proud sponsor of StrategieTage IT & IT Security D.A.C.H., which will be held from 3 – 4 December 2019.


We look forward meeting you at StrategieTage IT & IT Security D.A.C.H!