1. Commitment of the managing directors

Compliance Commitment of Management:

The managing directors are dedicated to competing fairly and upholding all valid national and international laws, especially with regard to data protection, corruption, bribery and price fixing. No internal or external violations against the law shall be permitted. We base the success of our business and positive image on this zero tolerance policy.

Ethical and legal behavior lies in the responsibility of our employees. All members of the management team are to act as role models and shall pass on this virtue to their employees.


2. Avoiding conflicts of interest

All capital investments and secondary occupations are only permitted with the prior consent of the company. Furthermore, employees may only have a capital investment or secondary occupation with companies that compete with avedos or a secondary occupation with suppliers or clients after having received prior written consent from the managing directors.


3. Working with information

Written texts: Any recordings and reports (internal and external) must be accurate and reflect the truth. The foundations of orderly accounting principles are to be upheld. Entered data and other recordings must always be complete, accurate, timely and system-supported. The making of records, files, etc. that use confidential information of the company is strictly prohibited. 

Secrecy: Confidential information of the company is to remain confidential. This obligation shall remain valid following the termination of employment.

All business data is to be secured in line with current legal requirements in all business processes to remain secure. Adequate, state-of-the-art technology standards are to be used to prevent unauthorized access from a technical standpoint.


4. Human rights

We stand for human rights and respect the dignity of all individuals. We oppose child and forced labor in every form. We also expect our business partners to respect these values. All staff members have access to the same employment and further education opportunities regardless of age, gender, nationality, race, religion or disability.


5. Corruption

Employees and managers are prohibited from demanding, accepting, promising or allowing others to promise money or valuable objects in return for products or other services. Giving and accepting gifts of any kind is strictly forbidden if it can create the impression of an unauthorized influence or obligation. This also applies to hospitality and invitations to events that exceed the usual and legally permissible practices. Unauthorized gifts many not be provided indirectly by third parties. It is allowed to give and receive common and socially acceptable objects of value for reasons of courtesy or advertising, host business dinners, or offer invitations to events with a specific purpose without any specific context of time with an upcoming business decision when it is appropriate for the business situation and the position of the parties involved. Generally speaking, gifts and invitations of all kind are prohibited unless accepting it is part of the duties of the official. 


6. Environmental policy

We are highly devoted to protecting natural resources and adhere to the legal guidelines for protecting the environment.