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Many divisions and departments of companies are affected by regulations and laws that need to be implemented transparently throughout the organization. Compliance primarily deals with upholding legal, regulatory, contractual or other external regulations, yet it also covers internal company guidelines as well. The objective of Compliance Management, therefore, is to avoid breaches and the resulting consequences from the start. It also ensures that you can recognize violations, take appropriate actions, and mitigate further risks in the future. Since all areas of a company are affected, compliance management is typically a cross-divisional function.

Important: Ensuring and upholding legal and regulatory requirements is one of the prime functions of the executive board or managing directors. In the event of culpable breaches, the respective individual is personally liable and must replace the resulting damages.

risk2value combines various GRC solutions in a complete approach to help you fulfill compliance requirements as well as identify and optimally respond to risks. risk2value supports IDW 980 and ISO 19600, which are series of standardized auditing guidelines for configuring and auditing compliance management systems.

Risk Management-Software Compliance

Example of a detailed view of the acquisition of invitations and gifts in the Compliance Solution

 Custom reports can be created quickly and easily with risk2value.analytics.


  • Gain a complete overview on how compliance requirements are implemented and upheld across an entire company or enterprise
  • Evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of compliance programs
  • Track the implementation status of measures
  • Prioritize measures based on their risk situation to efficiently use available budgets
  • Have the data you need to deal with risks caused by possible compliance breaches
  • Run effective compliance reports that combine information from various systems 
  • Automate reporting processes to save time and money


  • Administer and communicate responsibilities and permissions throughout the compliance organization
  • Manage compliance programs with focus themes and measures
  • Structure internal and external compliance requirements in catalogs with descriptions, examples and background information
  • Support communication between the central and local compliance management teams through catalogs and other information
  • Run workflow-driven compliance assessments to document the local implementation of requirements and evaluate the suitability and effectiveness of measures
  • Assess and report the complete compliance status with regards to internal and external requirements
  • Identify and track compliance risks including their evaluation and prioritization, define corrective measures, and clearly assign responsibility for them to individuals
  • Document and treat compliance incidents using built-in workflow support
  • Track corrective measures from compliance breaches automatically
  • Monitor and improve the suitability and effectiveness of compliance management
  • Send reminders of tasks and deadlines through connections to e-mail systems
  • Ensure traceability through a complete audit trail
  • Use comprehensive authorization management to display data in the appropriate granularity for individual users
  • Run assessments using built-in workflow support


Thanks to the flexible configuration of risk2value different Compliance Management processes can be supported:


  • Compliance Management

    • IT Compliance Management
    • Legal Case Management

  • Policy Management
  • Contract Management
  • External Workforce Governance
  • Corruption and dinner invitations
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Money laundering
  • Antitrust law
  • Business Partner Due Diligence
  • Whistleblowing
  • Technical Compliance
  • Green Compliance
  • Data protection


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