Alternative project and contracting methods have many advantages - both for clients and contractors. Outsourcing tasks to third parties is one of the biggest trends in a work world that is more flexible than ever before. This trend, however, can also result in pseudo work contracts with underhand personnel leasing and bogus self-employment.


Although these risks are certainly not new, they are more present than ever before. Since the legal boundaries are not clearly defined, the risk of manipulation and abuse continues to grow. Companies today need to take an in-depth look at the dangers and risks to prevent both crimes and penalties.


EY (EY GmbH auditing) and avedos have developed a joint solution for external workforce governance (EWG). EWG addresses the scenarios for using third-party workers in companies in light of ever tightening laws while helping identify and evaluate risks for the individual cases and usage scenarios.


risk2value EWG delivers an integrated approach to increase awareness and understanding for risks. By implementing this type of system, companies can manage the respective risks and gain flexibility in using external resources.

Important: The preventive management of opportunities and risks is one of the prime functions of the executive board or managing directors. In the event of culpable breaches, the respective individual is personally liable and must replace the resulting damages.

With risk2value, companies can map their existing methods and processes in a professional software platform. This integrated approach provides a complete view of the correlations among organizational units, risk owners, risks, evaluations and actions.


risk2value.accelerator by avedos delivers a fast, efficient way to optimize Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) processes. Depending on their needs, companies can use it to quickly implement a stand-alone solution for individual GRC areas or unite different GRC domains on an integrated software platform. Discover the fast track to GRC Intelligence!


risk2value.accelerator brochure



  • Management overview of all scenarios for external workforce requirements
  • Lower risk of liability for management
  • Focus on efficient use of external resources instead of manual monitoring of work regulations
  • Integrated workflows and automated validation of usage requirements for a reduction in manual external workflow checks
  • Higher enterprise sensitivity for external workforce risks
  • Clear view of all applications and evaluations
  • High transparency through result reports for each individual case
  • Fast implementation through Web application with vast pre-built content
  • Consistent results through an integrated solution


  • Gain transparency on the deployment of external personnel across the company
  • Implement rules for evaluating external personnel based on current regulatory requirements
  • Integrate all key stakeholders from HR, purchasing, the respective business departments, etc. in a coordinated, end-to-end process
  • Improve compliance with internal and external regulations
  • Integrate EWG into the enterprise IT architecture
  • Manage application requests and approvals in a workflow-based solution
  • Adapt flexibly to changing laws
  • Create custom approval process