"avedos has developed predefined management solutions based on good practices gained in over 10 years of GRC project experience. risk2value.accelerator enables companies to drastically reduce the time and effort needed to implement a suitable solution."


Samuel Brandstaetter, CEO avedos GRC GmbH

risk2value.accelerator brochure


risk2value.accelerator by avedos delivers a fast, efficient way to optimize Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) processes. Depending on their needs, companies can use it to quickly implement a stand-alone solution for individual GRC areas or unite different GRC domains on an integrated software platform. Discover the fast track to GRC Intelligence! 

Business benefits

  • Fast implementation
  • Cost efficiency
  • Good practices as guidance
  • No strict project organization necessary
  • Ready-to-use tool 
  • Extensibility and flexible configurations
  • Investment security
  • Adaptability to individual GRC maturity levels
  • Integrated or stand-alone solution
  • State-of-the-art IT architecture
  • On-premises or cloud deployment


risk2value.accelerator comprises a set of predefined data models for GRC applications.


These include:


  • Data objects (Alternative data objects are available
    in many cases to support individual GRC maturity levels and approaches.)
  • Diverse risk and control models
  • Standard user roles and permissions
  • Default workflows
  • Role-based dashboards
  • Role-based reports
  • Implementation including a “go live” checklist
  • Documentation and training material

Key features

  • Accelerate GRC implementations and go live within days thanks to the good practice model
  • Adapt and extend the tool through flexible configurations (made by a business user with administrator training or avedos)
  • Use integrated BI, reporting and dashboard capabilities comparable to those from BI specialists
  • Ensure a modern, scalable IT architecture
  • Choose from flexible operating models with the same functionality on premise or in the cloud
  • Secure cloud solutions in a data center with the highest certification in Central Europe
  • Choose from CAPEX (purchase) or OPEX (subscription) models on premise
  • Connect to various data sources through Microsoft SSIS (standard ETL of Microsoft SQL Server)