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The domain Value in risk2value encompasses all management systems and processes outside of the traditional scope of GRC (i.e. risk management, internal control system, security management, compliance and audit management). risk2value also supports the following areas:


  • Strategy management (in particular, strategy implementation)
  • Quality management (in line with ISO 9001, EFQM)
  • Sustainability management (in line with ISO 26000, ISO 14000, GRI)
  • etc.


By integrating strategy, quality and sustainability with traditional GRC domains, companies can create a complete enterprise management system that guarantees the alignment of various disciplines and the business areas that are responsible for them.  


  • Connection between strategy-, risk- and quality management as well as sustainability
  • Adaption of the system to meet specific requirements
  • Risk-oriented quality- and sustainability management
  • Understand and automatically track actions
  • Ensure investment security through modular scalability
  • Facilitate the information exchange among stakeholders
  • Testing of maturity level based on control- and compliance catalogues
  • Minimal implementation effort of the web application
  • Complex authorization processes are supported with workflows
  • Reduction of reporting effort through automation
  • High flexibility by individually configurable reports and dashboards


  • Mapping of target- and strategy map
  • „Tone from the Top" regarding vision, mission, corporate mission statement, risk appetite, etc.
  • Connection of core strategies and -targets with risk-, quality- and sustainability management
  • Ensure compatibility with various standards
  • Implement cyclical assessments and period comparisons
  • Process and track activities (e.g. measures, progress of implementation) within a structured workflow
  • Assessment on the entity and process level
  • Create individual reports for different stakeholder groups
  • Utilize comprehensive analytic and aggregation capabilities
  • Adapt the software to your company’s specific needs
  • Minimize administration
  • Send reminders of tasks and deadlines through connections to external e-mail systems
  • Ensure traceability through a complete audit trail
  • Use comprehensive authorization management to display data in the appropriate granularity for individual users
  • Run assessments using built-in workflow support
  • Calculation or management of KPIs, KRIs etc. 




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