The annual RiskNET Summit was held on 5 November 2019 at Schloss Hohenkammer. GRC Competence Lead Claudia Howe hosted the workshop “Reporting in Risk Management: How Your Executives Will Listen to You!” at this year’s event.

avedos again served as a partner at the RiskNET Summit, which offered a diverse program in various facets of risk management. Review the complete event program here!



Fotocredit (c) Stefan Heigl / RiskNET GmbH


Claudia Howe (GRC Competence Lead, avedos) facilitated the exciting workshop, “Reporting in Risk Management: How your executives will listen to you!”. This session explored both the advantages and limitations of modern reporting as attendees exchanged their experiences on modern technologies and methods (e.g. simulation). Following the workshop, Howe presented the results in the main auditorium.


Other workshops at the RiskNET Summit 2019 included:

  • Opportunities and Risks in the Supply Chain: Supply Chain Risk Management | Prof. Dr. Michael Huth (Fulda University of Applied Sciences) | Dr. Holger Klier (Magna Steyr)
  • Cyber Risks: Ready for an Emergency | Martin Kreuzer (Munich RE)
  • How to Make a Successful Risk Assessment | Frank Romeike (RiskNET)





Fotocredit (c) Stefan Heigl / RiskNET GmbH


Claudia Howe also held an interview in which she described:

  • What GRC means for avedos
  • Current projects in the company
  • Upcoming plans and outlook for Governance Risk & Compliance
  • How avedos has benefited from the summit