avedos business solutions GmbH is renamed to avedos GRC GmbH.

At avedos, our commitment to Governance, Risk und Compliance dates back to our founding in 2005. We focus on the “guardrails” that define how companies can drive their business so they can concentrate on their road to success. The maturity of GRC in companies is measured by the level of integration among the individual disciplines. That’s why integration is our prime goal. We accompany our clients on their path from individual GRC silos to an integrated solution that fosters collaboration and boosts efficiency throughout the enterprise while reducing costs in the process.


In 2016, we established two international subsidiaries – avedos GRC Deutschland GmbH and avedos GRC Benelux & Nordics B.V. To simplify the legal naming for our companies and to demonstrate our clear commitment to GRC, we have also changed the official name of our mother company in Austria to avedos GRC GmbH.