Visionary Board

The future role of supervisory boards

Driving the sustainable success of a company, both now and in the future, is the motivation and aspiration for a growing community of innovative supervisory boards. The growing advisory role of the supervisory board requires fundamental changes in both reporting and board communication. In particular, a new way of thinking and new principles are necessary especially for the information stemming from governance, risk and compliance (GRC) processes such as risk reporting, reports of the internal control system, compliance reports and audit reports. 


  • Insightful: Integrating fragmented reports to a full view of the entire organization
  • Relevant: Funneling key insights from a flood of information
  • Linked: Creating one view across the organization by combining isolated information and putting it into context
  • Forward-looking: Reporting trends and possible future scenarios instead of just the status quo
  • Digital: Generating top-quality reports with a focus on information and not just documents
  • Collaborative: Promoting ongoing collaboration instead of just meeting-related correspondence

Our motivation

Visionary Board is our contribution to promote the further development of the supervisory board function. We want to understand the demands and challenges of supervisory boards in order to support the changing role of the board in the best-possible manner through optimized GRC reporting.

avedos GRC GmbH

About avedos

We are driven by our belief that the sustainable success of innovative organizations is strongly influenced by a profound enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) strategy. As a vendor of GRC solutions, we center our efforts on enabling European companies to recognize GRC as a core value driver in enterprise management. As a partner, we support our clients to continually develop the maturity of their organizational processes.


Our software solutions enable the digitalization of GRC processes and anchor them efficiently within the organization. Our software platform risk2value builds a bridge between operational levels and top management by allowing them to link different GRC information across multiple business functions so that they develop a common frame of reference for transparent decisions on various management levels.


The largest and most successful energy providers, insurance companies, banks, telecommunication companies and retailers place their trust in us and run their GRC processes on the GRC platform risk2value.


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