28. November 2017 - Baarn / Niederlande

Research shows that it’s important for the top of the organization to give attention to good behavior and culture. This way there will be significantly fewer issues about risk and compliance, resulting in an increase in profit.  


That all sounds amazing, but how do you accomplish this? We tried our best to make that as concrete as possible on November 28, led by Anne-Maartje Oud as chairman of the day and Simone Heidema as Content Director of knowledge CPI during this congress. This year’s theme was “Behavior and strategy in the 21st century.” The congress started exactly 3.45 pm with Prof. Dr. Mijntje Lückerath as keynote, with a run-in from 3 pm in the Brasserie of the Groots Kievitsdal estate, and ended with a networking dinner with Paul Koster, CEO of VEB.


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As sponsor of the event we were happy to give you an discount of €50,-. Thank you very much for attending this event!


You can find more information on the event website